This is a blue cat that I caught using your bait. It is a lake record on Eagle Mountain lake in Fort Worth Texas. It weighed 26 lbs. and was 35 inches long and 24 in girth. I registered it with the Texas Parks and Wildlife. 
(George Robertson) 


Read what users of Bill's Catfish Bait have to say: 
My whole family has fished with Bill's Catfish Bait since 1978. You can take a jar of this bait and catch more catfish than you will ever dream of doing with those other brands. I`ve filled up baskets of fish over the years and could not begin to count how many fish that I`ve caught on this bait. This bait should be illegal to use, it`s that good.
Once, at a pay pond that charged a one time fee of 8.50, to catch all you can catch. The owner offered me 50.00 dollars to leave and go home because I was literally filling up my coolers with his fish one right after another. This bait works! Take it from me Clifton Crutcher, 2002 Pro Catfish Champion. Clifton Crutcher 

I have used Bill's Catfish Bait for over 20 years. It's the best catfish bait that I have ever used. I have used it mostly with sponge hooks but it's also good to put with your cut baits and shrimp. I bet I've caught over 5000 cats with Bill's bait easy. I want to personally THANK YOU for all of my successful fishing trips. You have no idea how much fun and how much money I've made from fishing with Bill's Catfish Bait. T. Morrison 

I tried Bills Catfish Bait for the first time about a year ago and I have gotten hooked on it. I use it as an add-on and it works wonders. This increases the amount of hits greatly.   Roger B. check out Roger's tip 

I've been using Bill's Catfish Bait ever since I can remember. My dad used to buy a big jar of it before he and I went fishing on warm summer nights when I was a kid. Thanks for all the great fishing memories.
J. Simmons 

You too can enjoy success by using Bill's Catfish Bait with Cutbait, Shrimp or Sponge Hook's.  Bill's attracts catfish in ponds, lakes, and rivers. 

Our catfish bait is hand made using the finest ingredients to produce a catfish bait that attracts those big cats.  Many customers have been using our bait for several decades.   Isn't it time you give it a try?

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